How to Improve at DogFighting
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Submitted By narnia on 13/11/23
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In this document I will give you what I've learned about dogfighting, and tips on how to improve.
It all started about 2-3 years ago when I downloaded the Mars Explorer widget on my parents computer... I didn't know anything. Eventually I learned how to use the green laser scope and finally the sniper one. I persistently tried to be quarry, but never thought I would come close to being as good as people such as (Ssemodnar)+, (Loki42)+, and (ibcf)+. Here I am today though, occasionally enjoying dogfights with these people and becoming increasingly involved in the Mars Explorer community. 
Here are some tips I've learned over the years:
-Try creating your own server with a few bots that can not fire. Drive infront of them on the ground and practice using your sniper laser to shoot them. Once you get the hang of it, this will become a very easy shot. Next, try flying upside-down and shooting down on the bots. This will take some time to get good at if you don't have much experience, however I promise you will be glad once you've mastered this shot. It is very useful against players who like to stay on the ground. 
After gaining those skills you can move onto a new tier of difficulty in gameplay, which will begin to tie into dogfighting skills. Try gaining some altitude and then retract your wings. While falling, practice making shots on the bots below you. Try getting a hang of how much time it takes you to fall to the ground, and bring your wings out at just the right time to shoot you back up and get another chance to snipe on bots below.
Once you've mastered all these skills more improvement becomes difficult, because bots can not simulate actual dogfighting... you will have to play against other Mars Explorers who do know how. Here is my flight pattern method that I use while dogfighting:
--Only have your wings out when you want to/need to make a turn. Retract your wings while turning and you will spin while falling (this is something many of you know already I'm sure). Put out your wings out when you sense that your buggy will shoot out in a completely different direction than the current path that it has. This makes sniping very difficult. Another thing you can do when you want to turn is put your wings out and quickly tap the brake key (command key) while turning. This will have the same "different direction" effect as before.
How to snipe:
There a couple different ways that people snipe, although here is my method. I use the "alt" key to look around and find my target, and then "shift" to zoom in and aim. Before shooting it is essential that you have the scope centered IN FRONT of the path of travel that your target has. The farther away you are, the further ahead you will have to aim. I recommend being anywhere between 175 and 700 distance from your target in order to have the best accuracy, although with time your ideal range can greatly widen. 
If everything here becomes easy, you can give yourself a challenge by turning off GyRide. This can be found under player settings. Playing without GyRide can help to improve your skills once you turn it back on.
I hope that this document has given you insight towards improvement. If you have any questions, constructive criticism, or want to dogfight me you can just send a PM :)
-(narnia)+, Dogfighting Consultant for the Awesomepossum clan

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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/11/23 - 5:21 GMT
I reccomend also talking about gyride. Also, how to snipe.
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
16 hours - 1,578v
Posted 2013/11/23 - 14:29 GMT
Alright I'll add on to this document soon... thanks!
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/11/23 - 17:06 GMT
Man, im impressed, i love it. :)
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2013/11/23 - 18:06 GMT
Great tips Narnia! I'll try these and see if I can get better. Excited about the APC clan!
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
10 hours - 1,122v
Posted 2013/11/29 - 14:48 GMT
Thank you alot I have tried some of this but not all.
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
2 days - 11,431v
Posted 2013/11/29 - 23:39 GMT
I like your tips. You're a vet, shame I never saw you around. Maybe. And about your tips, they're very good. It's a good thing that you passed this on to these new players, and they can learn from all of us and teach it to those new players. Very well done! I love it.
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Re: How to Improve at DogFighting
1 day - 3,786v
Posted 2013/12/21 - 23:39 GMT
Great tips man, hope to dogfight you sometime

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